gift bouquets

We all like a beautiful bouquet created especially for ourselves. I personally don’t get a gift bouquet anymore (I wonder why ?!). But, if I did, I certainly would NOT want one with a High Street Supermarket tag! Hardly constructed or chosen with love, usually an afterthought of a forgotten birthday/anniversary. Plus the volume and quality of flowers are not a match to the price tag. Okay, a florist constructed bouquet will cost more but the impact on the recipient will be so much greater too.



For any special occasion – a personally made bouquet says something important – whether it’s simply to say “I’m thinking of you”, “I Love You” or for Mothers Day, Valentines Day, An Anniversary, Get Well Soon – what ever the occasion Mag’s only uses tip top fresh flowers – usually bought from the Flower Market Wholesaler on the day to make sure they last with the lucky recipient as long as possible.

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This is of course THE most romantic day of the year & of course that means flowers for your loved one. Whether you are single, partnered, engaged, married – that single red rose or a whole bunch of 2 dozen sends a very special message and of course it doesn’t have to be red roses. A bunch of mixed flowers can have as much impact. But, do expect to dig a bit deeper into your pocket. Just about the most expensive time of the year from a flower perspective!

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mothers day

We all love our Mums to bits don’t we ? & what can be nicer than a professionally made arrangement and means so much more than a supermarket bunch……. & she WILL know!

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Whether it’s a bouquet for season flowers to adorn the home over Christmas to compliment your home decorations and / or a hand-made (by me) wreath for your door to welcome family and friends over the festive season, The Gilded Lily can do both! In fact from the end of November right up to the week before the BIG DAY we run wreath making workshops during the day and evenings – watch the The Gilded Lily website and The Gilded Lily Facebook page for classes later in the year.


Flowers for men

So who ever said that flowers were only for ladies? Don’t boys also like flowers? – constructed perhaps of more textures, there is absolutely no reason not to give your male partner a special gift.



Typically our bouquets are a combination of seasonal flowers to suit the changing seasons and availability – so in spring anticipate to see tulips, iris, lilies, & Ginista - in summer it’s Peony, roses, lilies, freesia, astrancia, stocks, Autumn time see’s all those lovely rich russet colours incorporating berries, seed heads & winter time rich red roses, orchids etc.



When the very very special occasion demands extra big & beautiful! Please call me & we can talk through what, when, where, who & how.

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