funeral flowers

We come to the difficult topic of what to do at the loss of a loved one/friend or acquaintance…

At this most difficult, but even most special of times in our lives, giving a floral tribute can have a poignancy which is so touching it can be the most emotional memory of those who have gone. It invokes all the senses, from visual, to fragrance, to touch, to even selecting a single flower to press as a memorial.

But what to send? As a rule, the main tribute is from immediate family and this will reside in the most prominent position on the coffin. 

Other family members, friends and acquaintances will send smaller tributes, from wreaths, sheaths, or even special shapes and frames that reflect ‘the individual’.

Your funeral director can advise or contact Mags at The Gilded Lily direct for advice.


funeral name frames

Mags has been creating beautiful floral funeral tributes for many years since the loss of her own Mum – it came home to her just what an honour it is to help loved one’s along the grieving path. Frequently clients come to the workshop to plan these very special tributes over a tea / coffee and talk about the person they have lost and what would best reflect them



Floral tributes can be plentiful or simple with many wishing to donate to the late persons favourite charity – There is a book of sample displays available to choose from at the workshop (or in particular at Meridian Funeral Home – Carl & Brett Kenyon) or come up with your own design thoughts from images you may find on the internet (google funeral tribute images).



All beautiful displays that say something special from you to your loved one. Colours, shapes, sizes & flower types to either your specification (google funeral floral images) or simply leave to the skill of The Gilded Lily. 

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